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Webinars and Conference Calls Although we have archived a number of webinars here, we are now archiving them on the GoTo Webinar site. We have started posting them in both WMV and MP4 format. The MP4 should be viewable on your phone.The links are listed below.

NSP Health Seminar Powerpoint Authentic Essential Oils


Please note: If a Webinar does not open when you click the link, simply right click it and save it to your hardrive. (Save Target As). It should open in Windows Media Player with no problem once it's saved to your computer.

In working with tech people on this issue, I find that it is sometimes a problem with Internet Explorer and will work fine if you use Firefox. Firefox is free and available on the Internet. It does not conflict with Explorer.

Webinars 2016 (Archived at GoTo Webinar)

Essential Oil Webinars

5/10/16 Class One: Authentic Essential Oils and the Limbic System

5/16/16 Class Two: Authentic Essential Oils and Your Personality

5/23/16 Class Three: Authenthic Essential Oils and Pets

6/6/16 Class Four: Authentic Essential Oils and Beautiful Skin

8/30/16 Class 5: 911 for Chinese Element Imbalance

9/12/16 Class 6: Powering Up with Essential Oils

10/17/16 Class 7: Detoxing with Essential Oils

10/24/16 Class 8: Detoxing the Liver with Essential Oils

Webinars 2016 (Archived at GoTo Webinar)

Herbal and Other Webinars

8/1/16 Keeping Kids Healthy Kindergarten to College

10/31/16 Habit of Health

Webinars after June1, 2015 (Archived at GoTo Webinar)

6/1/15 Webinar (Authentic Essential Oils) Now WMV

6/8/15 Making Essential Oils a Business WMV

6/29/15 Essential Oils of Summer WMV

6/29/15 Essential Oils of Summer MP4

The Brilliant Body

The new Inform program has proved to be a wonderful format for introducing new people to Natures Sunshine and Mary has incorporated the Birilliant Body Catalog as an educational tool. This catalog is an excellent way to start with NSP and to further enhance the understanding of the products and systems, Mary has created the following webinars.

"The Brilliant Body Workbook 1" 1/20/14 (Webinar)
Getting Started Walking Through the Brilliant Body Catalogue
"The Brilliant Body Workbook 2" 1/27/14 (Webinar)
Cleanses and Top 10 Products
"The Brilliant Body Workbook 3" 2/03/14 (Webinar)
The Gastro-Intestinal Systems
"The Brilliant Body Workbook 4" 2/10/14 (Webinar)
The Intestinal,Cirulatory,Nervous and Glandular Systems
"The Brilliant Body Workbook 5" 2/24/14 (Webinar)
The Urinary and Structural Systems
"The Brilliant Body Workbook 6" 3/10/14 (Webinar)
The Immune and Respiratory Systems
"The Brilliant Body Workbook 7" 3/10/14 (Webinar)
Aromatherapy and Flower Essences
"The Brilliant Body Workbook 8" 3/10/14 (Webinar)
Essential Oils

Educational Webinars

"Digestive Herbs You Never Think Of" 11/12/13 (Webinar)

"Operation Happy" 10/22/13 (Webinar)
"Operation Happy Slides"(pdf)
"SADS Questionaire" (pdf)

"Depression" 2/08/13 (Webinar)
"Depression - Digging Deeper" 2/21/13 (Conference Call)

"The ABC's of Herbs" 3/19/13 (Webinar)
"The ABC's of Chinese Medicine" 4/25/13 (Webinar)
"The ABC's of the Digestive System" 11/12/13 (Webinar)
"The ABC's of the Water Element" 1/14/14 (Webinar)
Kidneys,Bladder, the Struckural System

"Detox for Divas and Dons" 1/12/12 (Webinar)

"The Fantastic Four" 5/07/09 (Webinar)
Recorded for an NSP Education Week, skip the Introduction
Additional materials, including handouts are available by request. Please e-mail us.

Conference Calls

Periodically we will do conference calls on various topis. Please watch our Facebook Page for announcements.

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