The Village Herbalist

New Member Information Now that you're a member with Natures Sunshine, you may have some questions about your membership. The first thing you should know is that your membership is good for one year and requires no purchases or obligations.

Natures Sunshine Once you have your NSP number, we suggest you contact NSP at 800 223 8225 to set up a PIN# which will give you access the NSP Website.

When your membership is recorded at NSP, a $15.00 electronic credit is placed on your account. You also receive a 20% product credit on purshases up to $200. These credits cannot be used together and are only good for direct purchases.

As a member you may make purchases at the shop, on the net or by phone thru Order Entry 800 453 1422. Whether you purchase things at the shop or directly from NSP, when your purchases are greater then $100 in a month, you will receive a rebate.

The Village Herbalist Commnunity has many educational opportunities available to you. We offer a number of Classes and Webinars, E-Mail updates on health and other issues, Facebook and our Webpage.

NSP hosts a number of local Seminars on health related issues and a variety of Webinars that are available to you. In many cases, these are archived on the NSP website.

"Member Page" We have created a special member page that has information that you may find very helpful. We encourage you to take a look at it.

The Member Page is password protected and is only for our members and downline's use. Please call the shop or e-mail us for the passwor


Updated 6/01/15