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The Scent of Life"
Aromatherapy The Scent of Life provides you with all of the information you need to successfully blend essential oils into your life.

At it's heart is a comprehensive aromatherapy recipe reference containing hundreds of smart, effective, and practical recipes. From numerous emotional issues to yeast infections to stinky feet, this is the most comprehensive collection of recipes available.

The book provides wonderfully practical details that help you to understand essential oils. You'll learn about oil classifications, safety, potency, quality, carriers and bases.

It is intelligently designed to serve as both a reference and a learning tool.

Need to quickly solve a problem? Just grab the book and look up the recipe for the problem you're dealing with. The complete recipe index at the back of the book makes it quick and simple.

The book is available from the shop. The book is $30.00 for a single copy and we offer quantity discounts as well as periodic promotions. All orders made by e-mail include shipping. We will contact you for your credit card so please be sure we have your phone and complete address.

It is also available from Herb Allure which has a more complete description of the book. Just follow this link. Herb Allure


Updated 6/01/15