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Private Consultiations Consultations are a totally private time where anything said is in strict confidentiality. We have worked with over 5000 clients and maintained this privacy policy for over twenty years.
We are not doctors. We donít practice allopathic medicine, diagnose disease or prescribe treatments. When necessary, it is important that you make use of the expertise and diagnostic technology that only your doctor can provide.

If you have received a diagnosis from you doctor or just have issues you want to understand better, it is your responsibility to choose what course you will pursue. The Village Herbalist can only make you aware of natural alternatives to the contemporary medical approaches and help to enhance your understanding of your body and how botanicals may be of benefit to you. We cannot make treatment decisions for you.

Unlike conventional allopathic medicine, herbalists view the body as an integrated whole. We believe that the weakness of one organ-system will often lead to a breakdown in other systems and that the body can be helped to heal through the cleansing, activating and building properties of natural botanicals.

We are all born with strengths and weaknesses. When our bodies are denied the necessary nutrition, subjected to stress and compromised by the environment, our weaker systems suffer, causing imbalances that effect the whole. Some conditions are obvious and require only minor life-style changes but others are more complex and need a serious commitment to restore the body to its proper balance.

The consultation provides the opportunity for an alternative assessment of the condition, the exploration of its source and the development of a program that might address it. It creates a working relationship between the herbalist and the client that can be a source of knowledge and emotional support in making the decisions and choices necessary for the client to achieve the degree of wellness they desire.

Private consultations are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and include both an initial and a follow-up appointment. The first appointment lasts between one and two hours and follow-ups about thirty minutes.

Once your initial appointment is scheduled, You will be given a packet of materials that contain a number of questionaires that must be completed prior to your appointment.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, please be considerate. There are many people who need time with us and we are limited in the number of people we can see in a month. If you need to change your appointment time, please let us know at least two business days in advance so that we may be able to offer the time to someone on our waiting list.

To schedule an appointment or for additional information, please call 630 942 1416.

Appointment Booklets Once you have an appointment scheduled, you may click here to download the appropriate client appointment booklet.

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Updated 6/01/15