The Village Herbalist is located outside of Chicago in the suburb of Glen Ellyn. We offer a variety of products and services including Private Consultations, Lectures, Classes and Custom Aromatherapy Formulas. We maintain a referance library and study area and we have experienced herbalists on staff who can be of great help in answering your questions.
Private Consultations Although we offer classes, many people would prefer a private consultation where they can focus on their individual concerns. If you would be interested in making an appointment for a private consultation, just click here to find out more about them.
Meetings & Classes The Village Herbalist offers a wide range of classes on herbs, aromatherapy, flower essences and alternative medicine. These classes are open to the public and at times available as Webinars or Conference Calls to our members and their friends. We announce our upcoming classes on Facebook and by E-Mail. Watch for them there.
The Importance of Quality
NSP produces the puriest and most potent herbs and supplements available anywhere. Quality is critical to success in working with your body to change conditions. Take a moment and look at the following articles so you know what you're taking. Just click here.
New Member Information If you are one of our new members with Natures Sunshine, this information may be of help.
Conference Calls
Webinars and Conference Calls are recordings of either live classes or broadcasts.
The Scent of Life
If you want hundreds of essential oil recipes that are tried and true,this book is unequaled.
Natures Sunshine
We have been with Natures Sunshine for fifteen years and have yet to find a better source of herbs and supplements. If you would like to visit our NSP pages, just click here. We wouldn't use or recommend them if we didn't believe that their products were the highest quality available and their ethical approach to business beyond reproach.
Our Facebook Page Join us on Facebook for class and other information and to leave your comments, success stories or ideas.

Store Information

Store Hours
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday 11:00 - 5:00pm
Thursday 11:00 - 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00 - 4:00pm

If you would like a map to our store, just click here Map To Our Store.

The Village Herbalist

Updated 6/01/15